Monday, March 9, 2009

Yeah, buddy.

Typical day.
  • three scrambled eggs
  • frozen burrito
  • Muscle Provider shake (2 servings)
  • Cytofuse recovery shake
  • grilled chicken sandwich with honey dijon, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato...from Carolina Brewery in Pittsboro
  • tried one of Troy's sweet potato chips...not bad
  • fruit cup (mostly grapes and cantaloupe)
  • banana
  • three pieces of Dominos pepperoni pizza
  • one sugar cookie
  • one small cake "muffin" for Kevin's birthday
  • a few small carrots
199.2 pounds, 18.5% body fat. Workout was mostly upper body and core as my legs were toast from the big bike ride yesterday. Least I avoided the soda-trap today. It's hurting me, though.


Jane Elizabeth said...

does cake "muffin" = cupcake? just wondering, I'm a pretty avid baker and have never heard of such a thing ;)

Donnie Barnes said...

This has spawned quite a discussion between Ashley and I in the car just now.

See, I always felt like a "cupcake" had to have a "cup", ie. the paper thing on the bottom, to be a "cupcake." Hers were just cake batter in a muffin pan, which to me would be described as a "cake muffin." Not terribly accurate, though, since usually a "muffin" is more of a bread product rather than something "cake" like (ie. less sweet).

So we argued. And then I looked up the history of the cupcake. It's widely thought that the "cup" part of the word actually came from the original recipe because everything was an even cup that you measured out (other than the eggs, obviously). It was later that people started baking them in "tins" simply because it's easier to bake something in smaller sizes without burning it.

So there is no single right answer. There is just what's accepted, which is probably NOT what "cake muffin" is. :-)

Our next argument was what you call a muffin that has the paper piece on the bottom. I say "cupcake muffin." :-)

Jane Elizabeth said...

Oh good grief. Call a spade a spade. Paper or no paper, if it's made from cake batter, its a cupCAKE.

Jane Elizabeth said...

But I did get a chuckle from your rationalization. Nice :)