Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another casino day

But I ate better than yesterday, at least.
  • apple fritter (okay, not much better)
  • orange juice
  • side salad with romaine, boiled egg, cheese, some kind of vinaigrette (this casino could have the least interesting salad bar at the buffet you've ever seen)
  • big hunk of pineapple
  • prime rib, small mashed potatoes, fried rice
  • Trader Joe's trail mix
  • Southwest turkey wrap (turkey, cheese, avocado, chipotle sauce, romaine, tomato)
  • potato salad (very small amount, though)
No weight again, but I did do an hour on the exercise bike, a few upper body exercises, and a big ab circuit. And the food here is so mediocre that I'm looking forward to going to the airport for lunch tomorrow. Yeah. It's like that.

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