Monday, June 15, 2009

Drunken stuper

Hard to remember, but I'll try.
  • Some sort of kids cereal. Bad for you stuff. Don't know what it was. Whole milk.
  • cinnamon bread (one slice, but it was thick)
  • turkey and cheese sandwich. I wanted mayo, but I think it had ranch on it. and it was on some kind of strange pita bread. I don't know, someone brought it to me so I ate it.
  • tortilla chips and salsa. the good stuff. habenero and lime salsa. and chips from costco. thanks Alan. Half a bag down, six more to go.
  • pizza and a lot of it. the Stillson family made it. and it kept coming and coming and I kept eating and eating. plus beer. lots of bud light with the pizza.
  • pina colladas mixed in with occasional bud light.
Did I mention we got a keg of bud light? that might not have been the best of idears. Workout was a couple mile paddle. It was hard. Then swimming. Lots of kid tosses into the air, which is like squat jumps only harder. and I walked on my hands in the pool some.

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