Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good Day.

Break it on down!
  • Muscle Provider shake (2 servings)
  • Balance Bare bar
  • Cytofuse shake
  • mixed greens salad with leftover chicken breast from the other night, shredded carrots, raw broccoli, shredded cheese, balsamic vinaigrette dressing (and it was a huge salad!)
  • beef-a-roni (Ashley's recipe...boxed mac-n-cheese, ground beef, some additional spices), pretty huge portion
  • green beans
  • an apple
My overall caloric intake is down and probably too low as I've been hungry a LOT. But we're going to have more fruit and nuts and stuff around starting tomorrow, I think. Gonna do better. Strongly tempted by some chocolate on Alisa's desk as well as some mini Reese's cups on the counter this evening. Stayed away. I'm thinking I need to have a small treat every now and then, though, or I might binge at some point.

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