Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Decent Day.

Seemed to be hungry all day and kept trying to do healthy snacks, but it never went away. The salad at The Loop was decent sized, and finishing Zach's grilled cheese seems to have put me in a happy place, but it obviously wasn't the best thing for me. Oh well.
  • Muscle Provider shake (2 servings)
  • Balance Bare bar
  • Cytofuse recovery shake
  • half chicken salad sandwich and mixed greens salad from Town Hall Grill
  • medium Chick-fil-A fruit cup
  • banana
  • Cranberry Apple Cherry Clif bar
  • mixed greens salad with light ranch
  • grilled chicken sandwich with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo from The Loop
  • half of Zach's grilled cheese sandwich
  • one french fry (dipped in ketchup)...and yes, I mean "one fry", not one order of fries.
The day is far from over and there's a visit to the Dean Dome in my future tonight, but I will only be having water there. This is day three with no soda. I've had somewhat limited sleep the last two nights, so going soda-less today has been a struggle. Dying for the caffeine. Happy to have won the fight, though. I need to buy more Clif bars to have around as they are reasonably healthy as well as filling snacks, though I'm going to try to stay with just fruit when I can. Nature makes good snacks, too.


Beechwood Metalworks said...

I eat a Clif bar every morning and ellie enjoys the Clif Kids bars as a treat (Brownie is her fav, of course). They fill me up until lunch and are yummy with my coffee- I need the caffeine ;)

Donnie Barnes said...

I want the caffeine, believe me. But remember you don't *need* it. It's really bad for the muscles and contributes heavily to aches and pains thanks to that.

But you probably know that, don't you? :-)